Friday, July 27, 2012

Peggy about Behaviour...

Just how brilliant are all the peg clip chart behaviour systems being used in classrooms around the globe!!!
From Sunny Days in Second Grade
From Miss Kindergarten 
From The Inspired Apple
Where this idea originate from I do not know. But a huge 'Thank-You' to the clever person who did indeed invent this concept. 
Here is my little chart, that hangs proudly out the front of my room...
Close up (and a much clearer picture!!!) - 
My pegs have been dyed in various colours, and are stored in one of my drawers...
And when my little lovelies reach the Outstanding, and remain there for the entire day (what a challenge I do set!!!) then they receive a little jewel...
Five jewels and the peg goes home, choose a new colour peg, and the cycle continues. Now, just how easy is that??? 
After seeing the stunning guitar chart above, and the many other creative charts out there, I would love to make a few more up to match my theme each  school term. 
So many ideas, and so little time...


  1. Oh I really like your idea of the color pegs and the jewels. I have a question do you have a treasure box or something to give to the kiddos after reaching 5 jewels? Great idea, love your post!

    The Busy Busy Hive

  2. Thanks for your comment, Heather. As for your question, my class is just soooo excited to take their peg adorned with the jewels home that this IS the reward - no more treasure box, lucky dip, prize pouches at all!!! The kids clip the pegs onto their shirt pockets or collars and proudly wear them for a day. And the excitement of choosing a new coloured peg is another little reward. I had no idea it would be this easy...

    1. It's so funny how such a little thing can work in such a big way! Love your idea!

      Down Under Teacher

  3. Definitely so many great idea and not enough time!

    I love your idea with putting the jewels on the pegs to take home - what a wonderful reinforcement of great behaviour!

    I have used peg charts for attendance but currently use them for showing what Daily 5 activity the children want to work on. It works so well!!!!


  4. Where do you buy the jewels?


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